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Captain America is one of those rare super-hero movies where you actually don’t get that super-heroic feeling. Swings of Spiderman, flight of Superman, suit & style of Iron Man or Hulk’s gentle giant’s approach keeps me glued to these movies and make me watch their sequels, prequels or whatever they make. However, as expected Captain America is very ‘human’ like; not that I am complaining – just setting your expectations very right. You will see him running, jumping, kicking and pushing his opponents obviously with that boomerang kinda dish that he carries on his back.

Well, if you were expecting those flying or hi-fi techie scenes, you won’t be completely disappointed as he has got a new friend as well in Falcon. The black cool dude knows how to fly; thanks to his rocket-powered wing-suit. His sequences are fun from action movie perspective though it’s only there for a brief period of time.

Thank God, they don’t show Captain Amercia as one of our Krrish who bloody knows everything right from flying, swinging, fighting, dancing and everything under the sun.

Taking it from where we left Captain in Avengers, the guy comes back to Washington DC to live a normal life, still trying to find a sense of purpose of his life. He works for agency S.H.I.E.L.D. (remember Avengers – that one eyed guy?) and like other super heroes, he too has doubts if being a superhero is right for him. Thank God; he doesn’t get hung up on it and the Director quickly builds the excitement by showing just a glimpse of Winter Soldier.

The movie starts building up, when you are able to connect those dots and realize that S.H.I.E.L.D. is compromised, and much to our surprise Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson – that one eye guy) gets killed – courtesy: Pierce’s amazing amount of firepower.

It doesn’t take much for Captain to realize what the truth is and he embarks the journey of finding what’s saved  in that pen-drive kinda thing which was handed  over to him by dying Nick Fury. The movie also steadily keeps showing you Winter Soldier here & there and  builds your expectation for that climax scene where Captain and Winter Soldier fights in the end. Well, that hidden face of Winter Soldier has altogether a different story and has much more than just crazy flying action sequence. You have to watch the movie to find it out.

The movie does justice to story building, character fitting and also makes you sit all throughout and it mostly ensures that you don’t keep checking your mobile phone unnecessarily. But note that it’s not as exciting as Iron Man’s or Hulk’s of the world.

Our verdict: 3 Shor


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