Movie Review: Chauranga

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Director: Bikas Ranjan Mishra
Cast: Dhritiman Chatterjee, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Delzad Hiwale, Soham Maitra, and Sanjay Suri

A dark film, this one is based on caste discrimination and the harsh realities of it oppressed by a young Dalit rebel who wants what he feels he deserves.

Set in a rural environment the movie deals with various issues facing our country including the caste system, plight of Dalits, discrimination against women…When a young Dalit boy steps into a temple by mistake he’s pushed into the well. And instead of reacting to the injustice the people are more concerned with purifying the water of the well. An interesting twist in the movie has to do with women and their condition. While the women of the upper class are mute and suffer in silence, for example the Zamindar’s wife played by Arpita Chatterjee, it’s interesting to see how a Dalit woman uses exploitation to her advantage.

Dhaniya (Tannishtha Chatterjee) is sexually involved with the Zamindar just so she can afford to send her sons to school. Her two sons Bajrangi and Santu are played by Ridhi Sen and Soham Maitra. The rebellious Santu refuses to seetle for the discriminate treatment while his older brother Bajrangi is the more compliant character.

Although quite muted in its portrayal of violence and the harsh realities, the idea of protest is deep-rooted throughout the film. The use of locations and characters is well done by the debutant director. You’re left with a feeling of being sick in the stomach given the crudeness. It makes one realise how unaware or even ignorant we are of what really happens…It’s a dark and cryptic story told through a young innocent boy. Knowing that it has true story elements leaves questioning mere existence itself.

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