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What works with Dharam Sankat is the topic itself: Religion. 
When you pick a topic in India that deals with serious issues like the clash between  Hindus & Muslims, add humour in a way that makes sense but does not hurt the sentiment of either 'party', and finally top it up with natural actors like Paresh, Anu Kapoor & Naseeruddin, garnished with an unusual story of a common man ... you are more or less home as a film-maker. 
So is the movie good? Oh yes! But will I regret if I give it a miss? Nay! The movie is nothing but a kind of extension of or sequel to OMG (which was brilliant) and PK. The similarity of Dharam Sankat to OMG & PK is so striking that you would almost always know 'what's next' just like that. However, you'll still stick around and also 'like' the movie for the subtle humorous one-liners that just touch your heart.
Set in the backdrop of Apnu Amdavad, Dharam Sankat is a story of Dharampal (Paresh) who discovers at the age of 55 that he is Muslim by birth. He sets out to find his biological father and manages to locate him. But there is a problem; one the one hand, he has to learn a lot about Islam as a religion before he comes face to face with his father. On the other hand, he has to learn the Hindu riti-riwaz to impress the father of his son's girlfriend. What follows is a touchy and humorous riot of confusions & complications! You would have loved the climax if it was the same as that of OMG, but I guess that's where the movie simply fails to give you that good feeling. 
Having said that, all in all, the movie is an OK-watch. With Leela set to release on the same day, guess you know which movie to head for, depending upon whether you are hitting the theatre with friends or family.

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