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The day I saw the trailer of Edge of Tomorrow, I was amused – “Yet another Alien Sci-Fi movie : Same old stuff. Alien attacks, Humans resist, a hero rises and saves the world”. Well, that it is but then there is much beyond that. Something unthinkable. The trailer had something special that made me go for it and man, am I glad!

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best Sci-fi Tom Cruise movies. Brilliantly shot, witty, strong story, superb acting, excellent editing (and yes, things would have been different if there was a single editing mistake) and very ‘believable’!

Years back I saw a movie called “Run Lola Run”. I loved it for many reasons including the way the time goes back and Lola is given yet another ‘opportunity’ to make things right, to save her boyfriend. It was a well thought movie but many might have still disliked it. Possibly because too many ‘repeats’ made it boring at times. Edge of Tomorrow, of course with a different backdrop, has a vague similarity except that chances are thin that it will not appeal to public at large.


Cage (Cruise), a combat-untrained US Army PR Officer, is forced onto the Combat field to fight the unbeatable Aliens. He sure has to be die. And that he does. But just before he dies he kills one of the Mimics (Alien). Something weird happens – Cage travels a day back. Alive. Ready to die again. And again. He is forced to live & die everyday. And everyday he learns something new. And then he meets Rita (Emily), the expert Mimic-killer, who has experienced the time-loop just like Cage except that now she has lost her power of re-setting the day. Together they scout out for ways to deal with the aliens … & the movie progresses towards the Finale.

Edge of Tomorrow is a through & through Cruise movie. Emily (Rita) is also to watch out for. The chemistry between Cruise & Emily is so intriguing – you love it for its simplicity. There are hardly any actors who have such a commanding screen space and we don’t mind. The wittiness & the one liners soothe down the seriousness of the topic the movie deals with, cleverly, giving you more in each re-run. Yes, clever is the word. A simple mistake or loophole in the editing could have killed the charm of movie but wow, what an editing!

Overall Edge of Tomorrow is a movie worth experiencing. Watch. Enjoy. Repeat. 4 Shors!

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