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Director: Mohit Suri

Cast: Siddhartha Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh

Music: Ankit Tiwari, Mithoon, Soch

“This film doesn’t have a hero, but it is filled with villains and grey characters.” This bold claim from the makers of Ek Villain got me interested and I got up early to watch this film. Plus the melodious tracks made me assure that this sacrifice won’t be in vain. So does the final product live up to its claims?

Many of you by now know very well that the plot is inspired by a Korean film, I Saw The Devil, which is about a psychotic serial killer and a love story at the same time. Guru (Siddhartha), a contract killer working for a local politician, has a disturbed past. Guru is that typical villainous ‘hero’ of Mohit Suri’s films, but he is just too good-looking to be a villain.

Enter Aisha (Shraddha), a bubbly girl whose life is all about giving happiness and her wishes which she writes in her diary. It is that full of life attitude of hers to which Guru gets attracted and cupid happens. Opposites attract. A few scenes later, they are married and trying to build a new life in Mumbai. It is then when an accident crashes their fairy-tale romance and the story takes a crime thriller turn.

No doubt that the plot is interesting with a lot of violence and some really amazing romantic moments. It is the silly editing that plays spoil-sport. It allows some repetitive violent scenes and a not so required item song in the second half. Also a few characters like Riteish’s wife and his irritating friend (equally irritating ‘actor’ KRK) disturb the entire flow of the plot. Also it is a bit disappointing to see that all characters in the film are not grey and there’s a hero as well!

It is the melodious music that keeps you glued to the seat and the performances from its lead cast that make you keep the eyes glued on to the screen. Galliyaan, Banjaara, Zaroorat and other few tracks don’t leave your mind even after you come out of the hall.

Shraddha kapoor again delivers a very fresh and bubbly performance. Every time she appears on the screen, there is some energy that you can feel in the audience. Siddhartha, plays his part with conviction and with a lot of menace. There is something about this lad which makes a mysterious actor. I am confused whether he really is a good actor or God has gifted him expressive eyes which help him!

The outstanding act in the film is delivered by Riteish. He underplays all the negativity in his character and that’s where he wins! Bollywood has got a new villain whom you will hate from the bottom of his heart.

Small note for Mohit Suri; there is a lot of emotion in this plot itself. You don’t really need to squeeze out the emotions in every scene. It irritates a viewer like. Let it be natural please.

Should you watch the film? The answer is Yes. It is a decent one time watch.

3 Shor out of 5.

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