Movie Review - Gulaab Gang

Gulaab Gang: Movie Review

Just because you have a strong topic which is based on reality, you can not come out from nowhere and make your very first feature film.

Gulaab Gang, based on real life of Sampat Pal, starts failing even before it starts delivering. Debutant director, Soumik Sen, tells a story of a strong feminist Rajjo Devi (Dixit-Nene) who has a gang which is referred to as Gulaab Gang and is the only way out to every injustice happening in this town in MP named Madhopur. The gang comprising of women who have gone through all sorts of injustice, go out along with their laathis and Hathiyaars; beat the shit out of oppressors with some amazing high-flying stunts!

After every fight, there is song sequence choreographed to show the moves Mrs. Nene has got and which are choreographed badly by Saroj Khan. The neat get-up and make-up hardly gets disturbed after the heavy action scenes and also does not gel well with that tongue twisting accent.

Another part which adds a bit of drama and happenings to the story is Sumitra, a nasty politician played by Juhi Chawala. The woman politician character inspired from every other big female leader out there in politics, orders all the possible crimes in that typical style, “politics violence se nahin, pyaar se khela jaata hai. Pyaar samajhate hain aap?”. It literally sounds funny after a certain point in that typical Juhi Chawala voice. Still Chawala lady has done a very good job and delivers a packed performance with all the dash!

The real problem with the film is that it is confused whether to be a realistic or commercial film. The lead characters lack any sort of emotional and attitude built-up. The research seems totally lacking, people are voting still using that old ballot box where the lead politician is using the latest android touch-screen cellphone. The reason behind all this half-baked product is there is one guy handling four departments and is unable to do any justice to even one department. Mr. Soumik Sen has dared to look after, Direction, Music, Screenplay and Dialogues at once! Plus his leading ladies still look gorgeous but play rustic characters.

Cinematography, music and editing are all below average and fail to provide any help to the proceedings. Even the action scenes have been performed in the most unreal manner.

I am very disappointed with this confused film which gets some help from Juhi Chawala’s strong performance.

1.5 Shor out of 5.

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