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Just one word “AVOID”.

Unless you are absolutely hell bent on having a bad bad weekend and want to suffer in pain and agony, you are then free to watch Koylanchal.

This is one of its kind movie. The two halves of the movie are in complete contract with each other. The first half about the movie is dedicated to the director and his relentless approach of building up the characters of his story. The first half is only about blood-shed and murders and if there was any application of grey cells by the director, then he would had saved the movie and the innocent audience of the torture and agony.

The second half is about the confrontation between the anti-hero (Vinod Khanna) and the hero (Suniel Shetty). That’s it. Nothing new.

Vinod Khanna looks pale in the character. He does not display the cruelty, the crudeness needed by the character. Suniel Sheet on the other hand is convincing for his role.

We do not want to waste our time, writing anything more about this movie. We got better things to do.

So, if you in absolute trouble with yourself and want to penalise yourself for anything wrong, Kolyanchal is the perfect way to penance.   

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the IPL matches. At least there are those cheer leaders


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