Movie Review: Logan Lucky

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Director: Steven Soderbergh
Cast: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Katie Holmes, Daniel Craig
First of all, NO the movie is not in any way related to Wolverine. Second of all, you should still go watch it.
Nevertheless, the movie attracts you immediately with its crazy and convincing cast. And, very expectedly the actors have done an extremely fine job with the well written and very interesting characters of the movie (Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan being my personal favorite (or not?) for the lovely divorced and unemployed dad and he plays. Sounds familiar, no?). And the other brother, Clyde Logan, played by Adam Driver lost an arm in the Iraq War. So, convinced that they have been wronged for all their lives; they together decide to turn the tables of their family’s fortune by carrying out a heist, which is basically hacking Charlotte Motor Speedway’s tube system of moving money on the race day.
And that’s when the sassy Daniel Craig as Joe Bang comes into the picture. Joe Bang is the best explosives man they know and hence an important member of the team they assembled for the job. He’s hilarious and with his blond hair and blue eyes; steals every scene he is in.
The movie keeps in mind the typical heist process in the movie and plays it out wonderfully while giving ample amount of kicks here and there.
The energy and charisma of the entire journey of the movie suddenly find a low towards the end. Though I could conveniently ignore that considering the brilliant work otherwise, I thought let’s give it a mention. 
“Logan Lucky” turns out to be a little bit more than just a suspenseful heist story; it is full of straight face comedy moments and is very much a comment on America’s existing regime. It is a classic example of executing a mainstream plot with best possible directorial skills and expertise.
Like every nice heist movie, this one also sports some great thrills. But the movie gets some brownie points for being surprisingly funny. More than thrill, it was a fun ride.
I’d give 3 stars but make it 3.5 for that brilliant humor. 
Reviewed by: Kaushal Piruka
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