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Director: Babak Najafi
Cast: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman. 

I didn’t expect an oscar winner, but the names Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman were enough to make me walk into this screening with expectations. And I did leave a very happy man because, boy! Hell broke loose on screen! London Has Fallen is fun in a sick kind of way! The movie has non-stop high-flying action with quite a few parts of the movie not fit for the soft hearted but this is yet another action movie with two million bullets and not one  thought about logic.
But why would logic be inserted into this plot anyway? Scenes of Butler hanging out of the car scoring multiple headshots, or Westminster Abbey being blown to bits – of course they’re nonsense, but explody, actiony nonsense.

Believe me when i say this, London Has Fallen makes “Die Hard” look like Shakespeare.

In my opinion, it was a good film, but not comparable to the last film. I liked the 'open' aspect, as in it wasn't all localized into 1 house like Olympus Has Fallen, but could have made better use of the sets.
The main thing that bothered me was the lack on the story on why the terrorists did what they did, there were barely three dialogues about it. And also, there's no way on this planet they could have infiltrated the Queen's guards with a bunch of terrorists. It’s Buckingham Palace’s security, not the place where I live.

Watching London get destroyed was cool. No offence England, I just loved the visual effects and attention to detail. There's an interesting long shot in the climax (obviously faked with some awkward transitions through smoke/darkness but it was still alright) The final fight happening in a boring construction site was lame. Why not just storm in shoot up Buckingham? Waste of a set. Everything's a cliche but everything is fun!

The entire attack on London was a revenge plot after the US blew up the villain's daughter's wedding. He had a point to make about the US raining death from the skies with their drone strikes. How does the movie and its characters react to this? By killing him with a drone strike and then cheering about it. Mother of irony.

Overall? It's a super entertaining movie with some epic action and some really bad morals. If you want some mindless entertainment for this weekend, you definitely will have fun. It is obnoxious as a Trump speech and yet, a lot more fun to watch. 3.5/5 Shors for this one! 

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