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Based on true life events, Ranjit Tiwari’s Lucknow Central revolves around music, prison-break, and friendship. Farhan Akhtar, with all his skills, efficiently tries to pull the movie to the better class, however, his efforts to leave a mark on his small-town boy character is only noticeable in some measure. His subtle look, big dreams, innocence, nevertheless, will make you feel sorry for his kismet. He has high ambitions, but later he gets convicted in a murder case that lands him in prison. Entering into the big jail, recruiting aspiring singers (inmates) for his band and a mission to run away, begin to unfold in an expected filmy way. Diana Penty naively lends a helping hand to Farhan.  She plays her part well.
Cheers to the entire supporting cast—Veerendra Saxena, Manav Vij, Deepak Dobriyal, Rajesh Sharma and the Gippy Grewal, their incredible and distinctive acting, for a while, turns this not-so-well-crafted film into an enhanced version of the crime drama.   
The huge set of Lucknow Central Jail definitely leaves one in awe. There is a diverse liveliness to this prison world. Inmates sewing, sweeping, repairing, et al and if fortune helps you, you can form a band perform and go viral on social media with zillions of likes. The film could have emerged as an engaging one. Emotional scenes and abrupt violence were uncalled for.  The climax really moves in slow motion. Better edits could have done wonders.
On that note, 3 Shors out of 5 for Lucknow Central. 
Review by: Ami Gandhi
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