Movie Review: Maatr

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Cast: Raveena Tandon, Madhur Mittal, Anurag Arora,Divya Jagdale and Rushad Rana.
Raveena Tandon makes her come back on the silver screen with a clichéd melodrama after years. With a super slow pace of the film yet great performance by her and Anurag Arora who plays the role of a Police Inspector tries to save the film but fails.
The expectation of the audience after watching the trailer may have been engaging but the weak screenplay and direction fails to impress the audience at all.
Madhur Mittal, the antagonist, has shown us his potential by his performance in Slumdog Millionaire, but has been totally wasted in this one.
The story is as typical and obvious as it could have been. The same drama of politics mixed with "women centric" thing is too boring for people now. The story seems very impractical and the music, again, disappointing. The film lacks to grab the concentration due to bad cinematography too.
Anurag Arora and Raveena Tandon are the only saviours of the film that makes us stretch our patience till the end of the film. But after the end, you will regret your decision of watching this stereotype thriller which doesn't seem thrilling at all.
2 shors out of 5

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