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Movie Review | Mein Tera Hero

It was 1992. I was in 13 when I saw my first David Dhawan movie ‘Shola aur Shabnam’ and since then I have never missed an opportunity to see his movies. It is 34 years of my existence on the planet and I must admit, David Dhawan has not changed a bit, neither has his movies.

“Mein Tera Hero” is one such signature David Dhawan movie. For me, this movie was more than entertaining it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. For all those who are in their mid-30 and early 40’s this movie will remind you of those Govinda, Karishma kind of movies. Those days, we loved them. We adored them. The comic timing, the songs, the govinda steps, the Kader Khan dialogues and what not. It was a craze back then. And MTH has all that.

The now generation has loved it (That’s my feel when I was watching this movie in the theater). The boys and girls were going crazy, clapping, whistling and what not. To me, MTH has been an experience of those carefree days, days of dance, music and lots and lots of pure nonsense.


Varun Dhawan is the new Govinda. He fits the character, and at times he indulges into a bit of over-acting, but then we ignore it, considering that it’s his second movie and he has a lot of potential. The plot revolves around the protagonist and his love interest and the trouble he goes to win over her and succeed in their love life. Ileana D’cruz is female lead and she is as beautiful as always. As it’s with any other David Dhawan movie, the rest of characters are there just for the sake of it. The music is average, but then there are some foot tapping numbers that are a craze with the generation now.

The first half of the movie is good. One liners and over the top comedy scenes will keep you entertained. The second half of the movie is a drag and you wonder when will this movie end?

Overall, MTH is a mindless movie. There’s nothing to take once you outside the theater but then those 120 minutes of pure non-sense is pretty much bearable. David Dhawan proves it once again, that when it comes to mindless genre, there is none better than him.

And wait, before we wind up, I guess I hear Salman Voice somewhere in the movie. If you too hear it, do let me know. That would reaffirm my belief in GOD. (You will understand, once you see the movie)

Our rating:

For the now generation – 3 Star

For the yesteryear's generation – Go and revisit your younger days. For those were the days.

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