Movie Review: Noor

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Cast - Sonakshi Sinha, Kanan Gill, Poorab Kohli, Shibani Dandekar

Director-  Sunhil Sippy

That's become an almost new trend. Some new and a different concept, good execution almost through the end, but then things stutter and we get the usual Bollywood fare. It's like you are promised something Cuban or Italian, but get the Dal roti! Same happens with Sonakshi Sinha’s Noor!

Based on Saba Imtiaz’s book  Karachi, You are Killing Me,  Noor kicks off promisingly, developing the overall plot frame that reminds us of something on lines of Hollywood chick flicks. But just as you realise this, every expectation comes cascading down.

Sonakshi as that girl next door is compelling, and her best work in what seems like ages. Her personal issues are what we have seen uncountable times. Weight issues, lack of men and love, complicated parent child relationship and hangovers. But the actress brings in a freshness that we would hate not loving.

As her professional life starts, however, things fall apart. Clichés, moral lessons and that monologue of Mumbai, You Are Killing Me is tried to be forced into each and every scene as Noor goes off to uncover an organ harvesting racket.

Performances from all the actors are good, but the script and direction take apart the gleam and charm from what could have been a totally different story altogether.

The fizz is there, but somewhere till we reach the end, we fail to relate to Noor who is frustrated with her job yet makes no effort to buckle up. In a phrase, the spark simply doesn't ignite.

2.5 Shors to what Noor offers.

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