Movie review: Office Christmas Party

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Directed by: Josh Gordon, Will speck
Cast: Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Olivia Munn, Kate Mckinnon, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney. B. Vance.

Apparent from the name itself, Office Christmas party is all about, well an overstretched and clichéd office party that should’ve gone home while it was still dark out. In spite of being filled up to the brim with an otherwise talented cast and comedy veterans, this bad excuse for a movie requires nothing short of a Christmas miracle for it to be even remotely funny. So much for spreading the holiday cheer (Read: forced holiday cheer) around. Sigh.

What best characterises this movie is passé sibling rivalry, overbearingly strained plot, and an obtuse storyline that almost borders on being impracticable. In a film that should have just been happy with the unfussiness of its ridiculous premise, Office Christmas Party chooses instead to get too caught up in the nitty-gritties and loses focus right from the beginning. There’s either far too much plot or not enough.

Sales are down at Zenotek Data Storage Systems branch in Chicago (which is very clearly Newyork), so Jeniffer Aniston as the hard-edged CEO decides to shut it down unless her party loving, innocently screwed up, parent favoured brother and branch chief Clay ( T.J. Miller) can land a 14$ million dollar account of Walter Davis (Courtney Vance). So instead of coming up with a more realistic solution, the newly divorced CTO Josh (Jason Bateman), forward-thinking tech wizard Tracey (Olivia Munn) decide to throw a big party instead which is crazy in all senses of the word with Jesus on a horse, live reindeers, an eggnong luge, an appearance by Chicago Bulls all-star Jimmy Butler, an unconvincingly excited Walter and a cocaine spraying snow machine along with a mob connected Jillian Bell as a pimp and Fortune Feimster in her one scene as an Uber driver who are honestly the only saving grace of this movie. One other notable performance was Karan soni as Nate, one of the few reasons for making the movie watchable.

In what could’ve been a good chemistry between Bateman and Munn, the actors got caught up way too much in the chaos of trying to break the stereotype of risk averse individuals thus abandoning it all till a paltry kiss in the end. The haywire and unnecessary action scenes didn’t do much and the promised naughtiness in the trailer never arrived. Aniston’s performance is okayish at best and T.J. is comical in maybe one or two scenes but that’s about it. Someone close the branch already please!

One time watch only if you’re craving a party in the dry state and can do nothing but watch it and be satisfied. Cheers, but no thank you.

1 shor out of 5!


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