Movie Review: Poltergeist

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Director: Gil Kenan
Cast: Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, and Jane Adams

Don't you think that every horror movie that has come out in the past decade has the same generic story pattern?
-Happy Family
-The youngest kid talks to the spirit.
-Others start feeling the presence.
-The house becomes a hub for demons.
-A paranormal investigator drops by.
-Sorts everything out after a lot of wreckage.
-More or less a fairy tale ending.
and with the same tale, Director Gil Kenan tries to remake the classic 1982 original POLTERGEIST, delivering the expected Horror, popcorn flick with monotonous surprises that you already all braced up for.

The movie has one highlight which is indeed commendable; The house immediately begins to show signs of paranormal history, though the usual stuff of lights going on & off but, it is still better than waiting for a drab first half to be done with, like the others. The rest of the film goes about at a brisk pace, never enhancing the heartbeats over 100 bpm.

When it comes to the acting, there are no flaws there but, no accolades as well. Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt are more than believable as parents with their parental humour and warmth but, still miss the zing that Craig Nelson and JoBeth Williams offered in the original. The family also has a cranky teenager and two kids that are simply kids. 

Even if they had an Oscar winning star cart, the new POLTERGEIST could never get out from the predecessor's shadow, never really making itself feel necessary! I personally love horror and on paper, the film offers that, for which I give it 2.5 Shors.

The film in all is a good way to kill time over a bucket of popcorn this weekend for the ones who love the genre. Cheers.

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