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Kangana, Kangana, Kangana, Kangana, Kangana, Kangana and I can go on till eternity.

By far, the best performance of Kangana Ranawat till date. For those who are Kangana’s fan, congrats for standing by her side and for those who have ridiculed her, two words “You Forgiven”. As it would be said now, “Kangana is the in-thing” and if you not following the IN thing then you for sure OUT.

Phew, what a performance. This is some superlative performance. This is some spell bounding performance. This is some hell of a performance. Ladies and Gentleman, we take immense pleasure in introducing the all new Kangana Ranawat.

There were those in the lot who had rejected Kangana and then there were those who said “She is average”. Then there were those who believed in that hint of spark in the lady. Today, that spark has been ignited and the flash is for all to see.

Queen is a movie about a girl’s journey of coming to terms with her own self. After a seemingly devastating incident in the life of Rani (Kangana), things take a different turn.  Either she can sulk or she can take control of her life and move beyond and she chooses, Paris. Well that’s Queen, the movie to you.

About the movie, well it’s an average movie. Nothing great in direction, Amit Trivedi also disappoints with his music.  Much was expected of Amit. The other actors are average (am sorry, I just couldn’t take my eyes of Kangana hence didn’t notice any other actors).

The only thing about the movie is Kangana Ranawat. She portrays the character with immense precision. I wouldn’t shy away from the fact that the movie is the movie because of Kangana. Like it happens in the life of many a actors and actress, this movie will be Kangana’s benchmark movie.

As Jab we Met was to Kareena, Queen is to Kangana. She wins hearts and applauds in the same breath.

In the very first scene of the movie when Rani (Kangana) meets her fiancé in a coffee joint something unexpected and unfortunate happens. Rani is taken aback and is devastated. The range of emotions expressed by Kangana in this scene is a glimpse of what the audience should be expecting in the coming few hours.

So to sum up, its , “Hungama ho gaya”. Go ahead. Don’t miss this for anything!!!!

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