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The production of “Victoria’s (no more) secret” and “24/7 effects of Viagra” in association with the dumbest take on Kill Bill (Beyond volume’s) present to you a crash course for dummies on sex, gun training, and other nonsensical activities. This 140 minutes of sex, sex again, lingerie advertisements and a documentary on the Chambal version of Lady Gaga, is what the director Sai Kabir calles “Revolver Rani”

To protest, I am lodging a complaint against the director of this movie. I cannot be tortured under the pretext of movie. I was not just tortured but I was ripped off my sanity and all sense of happiness. Revolver Rani is not a movie.

The director is Sai Kabir. The same guy associated with blunders like Chatursingh two star and Chemistry. Not only is Sai Kabir confused about what he was making, he seemed to have lost the plot. The end product is as third grade as any B or C grade movie.

The censor board instead of certifying this movie, should had banned its release or may be the censor board has some bunch of sadist who released this movie so that people like me can feel the torture like they did.

Kangana plays a Chambal outlaw who has grown under the shadows of guns and goons. She makes her way to politics (how innovative) and then one fine day while judging a Mr.Gawlior event falls in love with Veer Das (wow, so touching). Veer Das however is not in love with Kangana but wants to fulfil his ambition of becoming a bollywood star (no. why not hollywood) and so wants to take advantage of her sources.

Comes the anit-heros. A brotherhood of Thakurs who are the political arch rivals of Kangana. The movie is all about this brotherhood trying to beat and kill Kangana and Kangana’s sexcapades.

The worst movie that has ever been released. Revolver Rani creates a new low in the Indian Film industry.

We want you not to spend even a single rupee on this movie. Even offered free, you should avoid. People who offer you free tickets for this movie are no longer your friends.

Our Verdict | Zero Shor 

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