Movie Review: San Andreas

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Director:  Brad Peyton
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, and Paul Giamatti.

Not that you have not seen a movie like San Andreas, not that the 'destruction' was never shown as brilliantly as it is shown in this movie, the special effects are also nothing new and there is no surprise element in the movie but having said all, San Andreas is definitely a one-time watch. The only problem with the movie is that it will be compared to 2012 which still remains No. 1 in the genre of Disaster movies. One wonders, why would somebody make another Disaster movie but, the movie overcomes all the doubts!

No spoilers ahead - a couple of scientists are working to find out if they can predict Earthquakes and just around then, it happens. They predict a bigger & stronger Earthquake, and that happens too. Ray (The Rock), who works with the LA Fire & Rescue Dept, sets out to rescue his soon-to-be-ex-wife and his daughter admist all the earthquakes & tsunamis. The adventure begins and continues till the end of movie.

The movie doesn't waste your time and moves directly to show the disaster, the death of people, buildings collapsing over & again, the city getting engulfed by a Tsunami. Each scene is nicely shot and keeps you totally hooked on to the screen. There is hardly any scope of 'acting' in the movie but let's just say all of them do their best with a script like that. There are hardly any 'scary' moments, per se and may be that's why the movie remains two notches down 2012. One wonders, if time permits, what Kylie & Gruffudd are doing in this movie but hell, why worry!

Overall, you will not be disappointed with the movie - thanks to the awesome special effects.

3 Shors on 5!

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