Movie Review: Sarkar 3

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Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy, Manoj Bajpai, Jackie Shroff and Yami Gautam
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma fails to impress the audience with his direction skills in this sequel of Sarkar.
With power packed performances by Sarkar (Amitabh), Gokul (Ronit), and Govind (Manoj), Sarkar's Grandson Shivaji played by Amit seems too vulnerable and fabricated on the screen. In fact, Sadh's performance is so mediocre and for better or worse, Yami Gautam outcasts him.
In this super slow political family drama, the Indian audience would enjoy the twists and turns thoroughly. Some dialogues are really impressive and will stay in your head even after the so called larger than life drama comes to an end.
Being a sarkar series fan myself, I would say that the magic of "The Sarkar" seems withering.
The story is an absolute political drama that entwines itself with the family. The pace of the film could have been better just like its direction. A few scenes are excellent but a few lift up your faith from the Indian cinema.
The background score of the film is a little disturbing as the new sarkar theme is too loud to fit in the film.
But overall, it is a one-time watch flick!
3 Shors out of 5!
Reviewed by: Misha Sata

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