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Joking about his age on screen for so long now, Jackie Chan barely feels fresh now, but you definitely feel his age. The fast paced action, fist fighting, mixed martial arts is not convincing, rather rarely seen in the movie. It feels as though shot in slow motion. Honestly, what Jackie Chan movie is that?
Trying to bring the magic of Shanghai Noon back, Skiptrace is an absolute disappointment. Shockingly, every aspect of the movie is dead. Be it a story, or the comedy or action sequences.  What's potentially interesting is Bond-like movie locations. Commendable shoot location! The focus is high on portraying Chinese culture, festivals and emotional fillers as well which is fine, but let me ask you again, Do you go for a Jackie Chan movie without fast-paced action?
With a predictable story of the prodigy avenging his brother’s death, the movie has failed to imbibe any curiosity or fun whatsoever. What started as a hope to be amazed by a true Chan flick back on screen, I walked out highly disappointed and would suggest you avoid Skiptrace altogether.
Let’s settle for Akira or Island City this weekend, for this movie fails to even claim to be a one-time watch; thus we rate it 1.5 shors on 5!

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