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Yet another addition to the assassin tales of Hollywood and this time it’s the beautifully chiseled Sean Penn playing Terrier – a good guy caught in the wrong job, guilt ridden for life. But does director Pierre Morel bring to this movie what he brought to Taken? Or District B13?
It’ll be unfair to say that this one is a sad execution, but it’ll just be fair enough to say that this one is a sad story. The story is soo predictable that even if you lose out on the first half hour you’d still manage to catch up. Still for the sake of convenience, here it goes… Terrier, a sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mining of Congo (for the interest of a multinational) Years later he comes out of hiding when he realizes what he left behind is now chasing him. Determined and intelligently dodging a-bullet-per-frame literally, he also rekindles old romance Annie (Jasmine Trinca) and some soaring foes Felix (Javier Bardem)
The story narration is pretty straight forward (read drab) leaving you with absolutely no suspense what so ever… yawn… its one of those where you know the protagonist’s best friend is mostly meant to be killed! Don’t blame us for spoilers please. If you’re not busy with pop corn, you’d also figure.
The good reasons to watch the movie are obviously Sean Penn’s expressive eyes under his unkempt hair and the gripping action sequences shot in a pretty unforgiving way… (Wrong movie for a date!) All said and done, don’t regret if you miss this one…1 shor!

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