#MovieReview - Kaalakandi

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Director: Akshat Verma
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vijay Raaz, Deepak Dobriyal, Akshat Varma, Kunal Roy Kapoor.
Bollywood has transformed massively over the years, 2017 being the most prominent one. Big starrer films failed to make a mark but indie films stood out while receiving accolades from both critics and the audience. Kaalakandi stands in that genre of “independent films” owing to its storyline and treatment. 
‘Kaalakandi’ is a Marathi word which means “everything going terribly wrong” and that is exactly what happens in the film. The most striking and attractive thing about Kaalakandi is undoubtedly Saif Ali Khan. He plays the role of a banker who has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer despite being a non-alcoholic, a non-smoker and following a balanced diet. Rileen (Saif Ali Khan) decides to let it loose and try it all in the last few months of his life. He “drops” LSD and soon it is all beautiful visuals all around him. Along with Rileen, run two parallel stories involving Sobhita Dhulipala, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Vijay Raaz, Deepak Dobriyal. You don’t really get the names of the characters because they don’t really matter. 
Kaalakandi has a decent first half but falls flat on its face in the second half as the story gets dry. You wait for the magic comic moments to work but even stellar Deepak Dobriyal and Vijay Raaz fail to amuse you. Cinematographer Himman Dhamija has done a commendable job by capturing Mumbai in an intriguing manner. As the story slowly starts tempting you to check your mobile phone, as soon as Saif Ali Khan he brings you back with his stupendous performance. We forget that he is a “Khan”, actually he was never one, was he? 
Conclusively, Kaalakandi has its moments but fails to impress in its entirety. Recommended to watch for Saif’s performance and also if you’re looking for a “trippy” experience this weekend! 
I give it 2 out of 5 shors!
Reviewed by: Karan Bhatt
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