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Galen Watson once said ‘Passion makes us stronger than we are. Love makes us better than we are. Be passionate about the things you love.’ His excerpt delineates Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz in one line! With absolutely no anticipations, not many people opted to watch Mukkaabaaz on the first day. I cannot censure them for the dip Anurag Kashyap’s chronicles took in his past few movies. With Mukkabaaz, Kashyap has got his act back together. 
Akin to his other movies, this one also deals with the congruous, societal and dutiful problems that subjugate many parts of India even today. What makes Mukkabaaz hold a candle to the other sports films is the mishmash of genera it offers which is what makes this the best January can expect! Love, indignation, religion, caste-ism, animosity, revulsion, corruption, politics, current affairs, sacrifice….. and this is just how the movie will carry you away. 
Stimulated from a true story, Shravan Singh played by the very promising Vineet Kumar Singh is a passionate under training boxer hailing from a town in UP. With the fighting spirit he was born with, he mutineers against Bhagwan Das (Jimmy Shergill- one of his best roles), his boxing coach as well as the ‘Local Gunda’. Things get worse when he falls in love with his niece Sunaina (kudos to newcomer Zoya Hussain). That’s about it; Shravan is out of every boxing match and is disqualified on every step that could lead him to the national level boxing championship. 
Bhagwan Das conducts quite like his name sounding out innumerable times the difference in people based on castes; so much that he would refuse to drink water in the same jug as someone from the ‘Chauthi Jaat’. How would he in that case agree to the marriage of Sunaina with Sushant knowing he was just a Rajput but Sunaina from the family of the mighty Brahmins?
Hell breaks loose when Bhagwan Das loses his forbearance over Sushant. And then begins Sushant’s endeavour to fight love, to fight for love, to fight with his love, to fight without his love only to attest that love is an amazingly maddening feeling! His love is topped with the zest for boxing, which of course is the essence no human should exist without; so says Kashyap’s ‘Mukkabaaz’. 
The 360-degree alteration of Sushant from being a Mukkabaaz to a Mukkebaaz is a flick that promises what every movie should- entertainment! The story behind many passionate youngsters whose dreams succumb to corrupt officials in power due to pressure, caste-barriers and jealousy does not go unnoticed. Ravi Kishan’s performance as Sushant’s new coach speaks bundles about his acting abilities. 
I’d like to mention that the detailing taken care off by Kashyap is worthy of appreciation. The father and son drama placed here and there in the movie is one the best in the movie apart from the one between Sushant and Sunaina. Jimmy Shergill is at his best and Zoya Hussain is here to stay with her mute performance screaming her entrance into Bollywood. The delicate touch of hand-held cinematography does work with most of his stories and it works well in this one too. 
Comic lines here and there, the dialect and language of UP, the real characterisation of the people that belong in the story and some real affairs and instances re-enacted in the movie is exceptionally thought of by Kashyap. The connection with the story of Ramayan stands out right till the end!
Some unsolicited background scores do drift you away to la la land because it kills the mood that it set. While some scenes were too sluggish, some were cut in a zippy not allowing the audience to register and connect with the dialogue and intensity of the character. In fact, at some parts of the movie you would ask- why is the scene even there? 
All in all Mukkabaaz is nowhere close to any other sports film and yet it will take you close to several feelings. One thing is for sure that you shall leave out with a smile. The subtle message that you can take away from the movie is that, sometimes, you have the choice to choose, and it is then that you can outshine! This does not have to be ineludibly in your professional or passionate life. And this is the change that we need welcome in and from Anurag Kashyap. 
With the festive weekend around the corner, Mukkabaaz is categorically worth a watch!
Reviewed by: Hemali Adhiya
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