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Director - Jake Kasdan
Cast - Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Bobby Cannavale
Jumanji remains the 90's kid favourite yet. Featuring Dwayne Johnson, as the main lead, he did justify Robin Williams to an extent from the original series. Wherein 1995 was way descriptive about the jungle saga as a typical board game where you play each move, Jumanji 2 mainly settles down to finding the board game and getting inside it by means of video game remote. 
With the story not that entwined as the original one, the plot of this latest flick revolves around infinite bow and the characters plummeting innocence, bravery and wisdom, but at the same time, realise that the winning only comes when they are together and individual characteristics have been portrayed attractively, so much so that you will actually love some of them. 
These four high school kids who try to achieve something or the other in life, and have goals set but land up at school detention, not knowing that this detention would change their lives. On starting to get detained at a gloomy room there, Spencer and Fridge find a video game and plan to play instead. 
Jumanji, the jungle adventure is just like another video game you typically have three lives and if you do not use carefully you lose out on them. The four characters have certain strengths and weakness and adapt according to the situations as and when they come. Every one of them uses their powers and reach each level up, ultimately winning it. The twist remains that everyone stays together to win. While in the game, they also find young Alan, who is lost in the game 20 years back but couldn’t cross the levels because of few lives or maybe only one life left. 
The acting by Fridge (Moose Finbar) tickled my funny bone to the fullest. Spencer (Dr. Smolder Bravestone)'s acting was below expectation but nevertheless stuck to the character Dwayne Johnson can carry off any role very well. Bethany (Ruby Roundhouse) might be your secret favorite character in the movie. Martha is worth crushing on. The movie may lose its plot but the cast makes it worth watching it. The effects of the movie are finely worked on and get you to the edge.
Overall, it is  
orth a
  watch if jungles are your adventure thing and also Dwayne too! 
eviewed by: Moumita Chakraborty
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