#MovieReview: PASSENGERS!

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Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Andy Garcia, Lawrence Fishburne
Director: Morten Tyldum

I’m just another movie-fanatic like you guys, enticed by yet another sci-fi flick, which is solely the reason why I opted to watch Passengers; a movie of two medically induced hibernated passengers on a spaceship, who woke up 90 years earlier than they should have, on a 120 year long journey to another world. Like any other plot, the spaceship is in danger with the lives of 5000 other passengers, although surprisingly there are no galaxy wars or super heroes or other such complications involved. 

What makes the movie a tad bit different than the other sci-fi(s) is the elaborate love story of Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) on a rather luxurious spaceship.


Had the filmmakers delved a bit more into the direness of the plot than just revolving the film as a grand lovers’ spat, the film could’ve generated more curiosity.


Pratt and Lawrence share great chemistry, and Lawrence’s performance is soulful and outstanding (like the ones in the Hunger Games series). There’s absolutely nothing to complaint about when it comes to the visual effects. Stunning! I, particularly, loved the “Gravity Loss” scenes.

The attempt at adding interesting twists in the plot makes it a decent watch, but the ease with which the problematic situations are dealt with still manages to subside what should’ve been a prompt and relentless curiosity. The dialogues could’ve been much more witty than the obvious like “Oh, no! I woke up too soon”. Um, alright!

Although, were we to answer your simple question of should you watch this over the weekend? Yes, it makes for a wonderful one-time watch.

3 shors on 5. Enjoy!

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