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No more of those family drama and the slapstick Gujarati movies! The most awaited Gujarati thriller movie of our times is releasing tomorrow. Superstar releases tomorrow 03rd Feb.

CityShor gives you a review of the movie and a take on why it has been creating a phenomenal buzz on Social media and the film circuit. With quite a few records to its name like the most viewed Gujarati movie teaser, 1 million hits on the song ‘Jadugari’ and songs by Armaan Malik and Shekhar Ravjiani Official are among the top chart busters already! Superstar is on its way to set the box office on fire!


SuperStar revolves around the notion of “The Past always haunts us back”. RK (Dhruvin Shah) is a well established bollywood actor sought after by many a producers and has a huge fan following. Anjali (Rashami Desai) is married to RK and the chemistry between the two lead actors is seemingly natural.

The movie begins when RK is being shot at on the set of his film while shooting for an action sequence. The question arises as to who switched the fake bullet with the real bullet? Who had intentions of killing RK? Is it a professional rivalry or is there a mystery around RK’s past?

The movie is thrilling and has the element of suspense. When we think that we have cracked the movie’s plot, it throws up yet another surprise and we are caught off guard. The plot is interesting and with each character revealing their true part in the movie over the course of 150 minutes, Superstar makes for an amazing roller coaster of a ride!

What we admire about Superstar:

Dhruvin Shah is wonderful as RK. Looking at the finesse by which he has delivered a stellar performance, it’s unbelievable that this is Dhruvin’s debut movie. Dhruvin’s ability to portray RK’s character with the depth of emotions and a maturity is quite commendable!

Rashmi Desai proves her acting finesse yet again. There’s this one scene where in Anjali (Rashmi) gets in a dialogue with the anti-hero. This 10 minutes of a deadly cocktail of silence and the sudden burst of emotions is for sure to give you Goosebumps!

The direction is worth its mention. I would be proud to say that Superstar can be considered among the top Gujarati movies when it comes to Direction. The music by Parth Thakkar is already creating rave reviews.


Superstar is not a movie, but a benchmark for it marks the beginning of a new wave of Gujarati cinema both in terms of technique and storytelling. The Gujarati cinema has now moved beyond the traditional family drama or those slapstick comedies. This time around Superstar ventures into a new type of storytelling with a look and feel of an established bollywood movie.

So go and watch Superstar and let’s reinstate the pride of Gujarati cinema for, now it’s only the beginning.

Superstar releases tomorrow, 3rd Feb 2017. Book your tickets today!

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