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Cast: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Zach Galifianakis

Director: Chris McKay

Genre: Animation

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

More than just a clichéd superhero movie, ‘The Lego Batman’ is a clever film about friendship, family, emotions and heroism with nonstop action. Especially if you’re a Batman fan, the movie is a treat for you with snappy writing and spot-on voice cast.

It never gets old to see all the imaginative ways that Lego pieces and characters are used, built, taken apart, and rebuilt. However, it's a little darker than, The Lego Movie (2014) as there are tons of bad guys, fights, explosions, bombs, weapons, damage, and general havoc.

Just like its predecessor part, this one too comes with the heavy baggage of selling more toys to innocent kids. But there lies the challenge behind such movies to create something extraordinary without making it look like a cold-hearted cash grab.

The Lego Batman Movie is rampant with self-aware humor and celebrates in poking fun at not only itself but at the genre as a whole. Those who have grown up with the Batman figures will have a total blast watching the film as pretty much every super villain show up in the cast.

The animation is colorful and creative and references from pop culture fly fast and furiously in The Lego Batman Movie make it look more alluring.

The film opens with an excellent gag that pokes fun at The Dark Knight, which proves that nothing is sacred in the glowing eyes of Lego Batman. Possibly, there has been no Batman movie that celebrates every silly version of the character with the sort of passion that this one does. 

The plot works differently for different audiences at the same time. On one hand, it is the sort of deep-cut fanboy fantasy, filled with in-jokes and obscure references, and on the other, it works splendidly well as a delightful kids’ adventure.

Batman is also forced to give himself a pretty hard look in between the bouts of giggles as he realizes that he can't do everything by himself and that working with a team or having a family is more fun and fulfilling than doing it alone.

The film is beautifully adorned with a song and dance number at the end, which continues to mock the brawny superhero and the genre he represents.

TLBM is the potential of the superhero movie fully realized. Make sure to go and watch this entertaining mayhem unfold at your nearest screen. After all, it’s Batman!

4.2 shors  out of 5!


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