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Attributes: Street Food

All the owls of Ahmedabad now have a reason to celebrate as your odd hour cravings will get the right taste at affordable prices. Yes, it’s for the first time in our city with plenty of options. We now have a superb late night delivery food service option. 

Before we disclose what we are talking about we have a question to ask- What do you do when you are literally hungry at 2 or 3 in the night? There are chances that you either walk-in to Westend, GB, Silver Leaf, or coffee shop of a hotel or some may have an access to club’s coffee shops. For those lazy ones, they prefer to be Vasco De Gama and discover that ‘nashta ka dabba’ after making loads of noise (though it undoubtedly comes with lot of fun). Lately you have also got an option to order few sandwiches but some may not find it pocket friendly. So here’s come Muncheestan as the savior. What do they offer? Burgers, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Bruschetta, Wedges and much more from 9 PM to 4 AM all day and every day (PM and AM has been correctly placed).

Started by three friends just a few weeks ago they are already appreciated by lot of nocturnal.

Other than serving at off hours, they have lot of unique things in them. They’ll not ring the bell, instead they will call you because they don’t want other sleeping beauties to get disturbed. They give a very beautiful parcel on which you’ll see a cute note which would definitely bring smile on your face. And not to forget the theme based parcel. Any festival or whatever is trending; they will give you a small merchandise. i.e. For FIFA worldcup they are giving away Football shaped whistle. Isn’t it cute? Aand lastly, the mouth fresher – TIC TAC. We don’t need to say more, I guess.

So what we ordered? We ordered Muncheestan burger, their special version of Wedges, Bruchetta and their Cheese and Olives Pizza. You can find out what all do they serve in their menu pics and you should also check out the prices – pretty pocket friendly. Talking about taste and delivery, it was absolutely hot and delicious. Cheese was still melting in Pizza and we could see vapor from the food. Wedges were with high spices but it tasted just so right with a sip of Thumbs Up. Surprisingly at such an odd hour vegetables used in Burger was feeling so fresh and a little mayo in the burger made it taste just so right (if you are a fan of loads of Mayo – this is not right for you). We are surely going to order other things from them during those late night outs; however, for now we are storing their number and we suggest you too do the same.

Name of the service: Muncheestan

Order number: 8000855546

Do give it a shot and their your feedback with us.

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