Music, Talks, Experiences: Attend The Monologue on 15th Sept

Words are tricky! If you do not know the art of using them, they might deceive you. And then there are some who can make the words dance around their imaginations. Are you the one who can pull the listeners in your world and hand down your power of imagination? Got a voice waiting to be heard? Here is the opportunity!


The Monologue, is a group that provides a platform for young story tellers, speakers, poets, stand-up comedians, writers, and musicians. The Monologue brings to you their event, the monologue – Talks, Music, Poems and much more on Friday, 15th September. This event is an opportunity to find your right audience. Meet your like-minded people who will be on the same page as you when you turn the page of your story.


This event strives to be a beautiful amalgamation of talks, music, laughter, experience, and emotions. Come and see the talented bunch who will not fail to strike a cord with you. Some will tickle your funny bone, some will soothe your ears and some will take you on a voyage with them through their chronicle of words.


Lend an ear to them and you’ll be surprised how your power of appreciation will nurture their bud. Make sure to go there, okay?


Event Name: The Monologue - Ahmedabad

Date: Friday, 15th September

Time: 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Venue: Cafe City Monk, New York trade center, Basement, Nr. Thaltej cross road, Ahmedabad, India 380054


Tickets Cost: 150/-

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Author Credit: Vaishnavi A. Patel

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