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When you visit the same restaurant for the "fifth" time in less than two months, you know fir a fact that you are in love with the place. But, what keeps us going is their widespread array of delicacies on the menu so, even on our last visit, we were not certain as to what our experience holds. Despite that, the restaurant placed on the first floor of Amrapali Axion, on S.P. Ring Road, Bopal; exudes enough confidence, making us feel very certain that we won't be disappointed.
Gorging onto good food has always been a wondrous experience here and let me tell you, while we were just talking about how comfortable this place makes us feel; we were served with a FIZZY LEMON JUICE. Perhaps the best kind of mocktail you can ask for as the weather plays a cruel game of 'hide & seek'. The drink was simple, yet nailed to perfection.
For all the fitness freaks who don't believe in cheat days, a fresh portion of CALABRIA SALAD is all you need to make your way down to SOHI. Pair it up with their JALAPENO CHEESE SOUP for, it tends to cater to everyone's palette with ease.
From the wide array of options available infront of the chef, we were pretty sure that he might have sensed our taste buds by now as the TEX MEX NACHOS was followed by MEXICAN POT SAUCE and a BRUSCHETTA platter and guess what? The three appetizers were simply sublime, and we won't do any justice to any, if we start raving about one.
Mouth's already watering? Well, hold on for, their BURRITO SUPREME for mains, takes the podium with it's outstanding taste. their CANNELLONI AL FORMAGGIO also gives us a thorough understanding, as to how serious they are when it comes to good food.
More on the 'desi' side of things, you simply cannot miss out on their take on a CRISPY PANEER PUNCHRANGI. An absolute stunner, which first wins you over by it's aroma and then of course by it's splendid taste. Had best with a LASOONI NAAN.
Keeping aside the taste of food, which was already of a top-notch quality, the way they present the same is also quite impressive.
Enough of drooling already, and partake in a similar experience when you make your way down to SOHI, over the weekend. Cheers.
Address: 1st floor of Amrapali Axion, on S.P. Ring Road, Bopal; 
Contact: 8141706060

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