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There are a million Pizza and Pasta joints, but we still crave more. The reason probably is the endless search for that perfectly scrumptious Pizza. What if we tell you that it’s time to end your search? Yes. We have found a joint which serves you the best Pizza but in a bit unusual way - called Naan Pizza and that it’s an answer to all your hunger cravings that you didn’t even know existed till now. 


Say bye to those standard Pizzas because Wrapico – a newly opened joint has introduced Naan Pizzas for the first time in Ahmedabad and probably Gujarat.  Laced with all the fancy toppings that appeal to the millennial generation– aka Veg Kebab, Springo Mushroom, Spicy Hummus, Pan Tikki, Tex-Mex, Schezwan Veg, Spicy Cholle, Bombay Vada Pav and Cottage Cheese BBQ, this is a refreshingly healthy twist on the monotonous dish; something that we definitely didn’t think we’d like till we actually tasted it and then completely fell for the melt in our mouth delicacy. 


But the joint has much more to offer than just Pizzas. Wraps, Paninis, Salads, Pastas, Sides, Juices, Shakes and Desserts, you name it and they have it all! But what caught our eye the most was obviously their Naan Pizza and thereby this article is dedicated to the most unusual dish on the menu. 


We were so inquisitive about the entire concept that we captured how a BBQ Cottage Cheese Naan Pizza is made. Well, the process was very simple and much like any other Pizzas but it was fun to watch and more exciting to write. Instead of a Pizza base, they take a Naan(Don’t worry, we know it sounds weird but trust me, the taste is infallible!)


They try to make the base as sturdy as possible so that your toppings don’t topple with the first bite, pour a generous helping of the sauce and then follow it with the marinated Barbeque Sauce and Cottage Cheese cubes. After spreading the marinated pieces on the base, they top it up different types of Capsicum, Onions, bit of Coriander and loads and loads of Cheese. Few minutes of baking and your delectable Naan Pizza is right in front of you. 


Now we are sure that you guys are waiting for us to tell you how it tasted. But this time around, we are not going to kill the excitement and the surprise element. It’s high time that you go there yourself and taste something crazy and distinctive, quite literally. 


Don’t contemplate, just go for it! Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments. 


Address: A-9,Shilp aaron,Sindhu Bhavan road,bodakdev.

Phone: 7048303033

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