Naikshas exhibition - Paint it colorful

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Painted dresses, Kotis, Kurtis and what not! This exhibition is full of painted designer pieces. And that’s for 12th & 13th July (today and tomorrow) at Anay’s Gallery.

As always we bring to you the best collection from Naikshas which is unique it’s in own way. Creating new designs is their forte and yes they are definitely unique. At this exhibition, you’ll get to see shrugs, kurtis, kotis, high-low tops and much more. Trust us, they are completely different and can’t be found anywhere else but with Naikshas.

What else? Beautiful cushions, small accessories, cushions and much more is available too. So rush to this exhibition fast, buy the beautifully painted apparels and flaunt.

Exhibition dates: 12th & 13th July

Address: Anay’s gallery, opp Prahaladnagar garden, Prahaladnagar road, Ahmedabad

Time: 10am to 8pm 

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