Nakshtra exhibition starts in two days!

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It is time to splurge all over again for, we have Special RAKHI & WEDDING EXHIBITION - NAKSHATRA lined up on 19-20-21 June at Rajpath Club, S.G. Highway.
This exhibition tends to be a Mecca for ladies for, it rightly boasts of a collection exhibited by 71 Designers, straight from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Pakistan, Delhi, Calcutta, Rajasthan, Rajkot, Baroda & Surat. It is the coming together of some of the most sought after designers from across the country offering a vivid experience of colours, designs and fabrics.
What can you expect?
From Rakhis to Footwear, Lehenga Cholis to Jewellery, Batwas to Purses to just about everything that you desire and would be proud to deck it up in your wardrobe.
With a glorious amalgamation up for display at NAKSHATRA, make sure that you drop by for, it tends to worth your experience. Cheers.
Dates: 19-20-21 June
Venue: Rajpath Club, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.
For any queries, you can call Nirzari on +91-9067332337
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