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Bollywood is changing!!!


Nautanki Saala is a remake of Ramayana – isn’t it shockingly funny!!!

Raavana kidnaps Seeta and they fall in love with each other…. chucking out Raama from the picture – ha ha ha. No, no, it’s not exactly like that but it has lot of similarity with Ramayana – in fact, you can say it’s a modern remake of Ramayana.

Though the movie gets slow or irrelevant in between for a while but the way it connects in the end is beautiful. Hats off to Rohan Sippy who picks up different and weird stories and introduces it to Bollywood – India doesn’t mind if it gets inspired / adapted from foreign land. As Nautanki Saala is based on French Movie Apres Vous.

The movie has a beautiful smooch scene – probably one of the best Bollywood has seen till date – even girls would love this. Its comic set pieces, some one-liners and visual treats given by its artistic environments are simply awesome.

All in all, don’t miss it!!!

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