Navratri Wear starting at Rs 800 at RANI NO HAJIRO

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People say that no matter how contemporary and global your choices might get, you will never forget your roots. Corroborating this statement is none other than the old city’s most famous spot, RANI NO HAJIRO. As Navratri is imminent and every festival crazy soul in this city is rushing to different designers and the variety of stores our amdavad has to offer, one should not forget the primary source of all the Navratri madness and where it all began. 

Year after year, RANI NO HAJIRO has stood true and strong to the test of time. A playground for both up and coming designers and chaniya choli aficionados alike, no one can beat them when it comes to incorporating the true meaning of Navratri. There is something very exciting about going through those tiny lanes and being bombarded by the heaps of colour all around you. 

Be it traditional oxidized jewellery, kutchi work chaniya cholis, coordinated ethnic outfits for the entire group, gamthi mirror work accessories, avant-garde patterns for the trend conscious or vivacious ornaments in novel types and shapes; THEY HAVE IT ALL. Never have I seen the shopkeepers explain everything and help you pair up the outfits so that you can ensure you look your festive best with such fervour before. Their colour pattern is not restricted to just a set of colours designated for the prevailing season by the style forward but houses decades of tradition whereby each of the tiny store has a folklore of its own. One look at the pictures above and you’ll know that they embody the sheer meaning of the word variety. 

Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it? Well I have one more feather to add to this hat because guess what? You can get all the above for a price that does not even match the kick to your senses you’ll get out of the entire affair. Their chaniya cholis start from as low as Rs. 800-1000 for the pair along with the option of customizing your own outfit for maybe even less out of the bulk materials made to order. Even the accessories are indescribably cheap than their new city counterparts. With it being so easy on the wallet who wouldn’t want to go there? I know I would. 

Take this as a bonafide testimony from a person who’s been going to this place ever since she was a kid, shopping from RANI NO HAJIRO is an all inclusive unforgettable experience. 

T minus 11 days to go. What are you waiting for?!

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