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The credits read EA and I was ecstatic. I put on my 3D glasses and was eagerly waiting to experience the best selling games of all time, on the silver screen.

The plot zoom’s around a car mechanic’s need to avenge his wrongful conviction in a murder case. For two years he had been parked inside a jail and now that he is out in the open, he cruises around to trace his nemesis and settle the score once and for all. So what? Honestly, that’s the answer I had been searching for in the entire movie.

A long time ago someone said to me, “Just because you have a story doesn’t mean you can make a movie around it”. I need to tell this to Scott Waghh (Director – NFS). Buddy, just because you have a hot-selling car racing game, you don’t make a movie around it.

From the genre of car racing movies, NFS – The movie, doesn’t appeal. The star cast to say the least is superficial. None of the characters fit in. Experience the opening sequence and it seems that there is a herculean effort on behalf of the actors to portray the part. The friendship is pale, the love is soulless, the grudge without any pain.

I would prefer to watch NFS – The movie, had it been a silent movie, pathetic dialogues and more pathetic dialogue delivery. In between the movie Scott tires his hand at adding those funny moments, but oh so he fails and fails miserably.

Enough about what I didn’t like, now onto what I liked.

McLaren P1, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Koenigsegg Agera R and Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, set my heart throbbing. Unlike the poor F&F series, this movie is rich at least, in its car’s.

The chase sequences are brilliant. You can feel the pain that Scott must have gone through while preparing the storyboard. Trust me, you feel one with the car on the screen.  The only high part about the movie and at times the chase sequence are better, unlike ever before. But then that’s it. Or is it? Oh wait how could I forget, my delicious combo of assorted popcorn and a glass of coke.

So folks, that’s NFS to you (Barring the popcorn and coke) Over all, if you have nothing to do and just so that if you happen to be those in minorities who haven’t tried their hand at NFS the game, go and watch NFS – The movie.

But make sure, you bring your IPOD along. Listen to your fav tracks and watch NFS, the movie will feel better that way.

Over all – 1 Shor

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