Never seen before Fans, Chandeliers & Wall Clocks at ANEMOS

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Rarely do we come across stores which consistently impress us. ANEMOS, is one such store. Showcasing a wide array of fans, chandeliers and wall clocks, which we are sure you haven't come across anywhere in Ahmedabad at-least; all on the Ground Floor of Shapath 4, opposite Karnavati Club, on S.G. Highway.
In fact, as a part of Shapath 4, they bring forth wondrous offers that you simply cannot resist.

Most of you out there would like to add-on to your present décor with antiques or changing your entire furniture or might be redecorating it altogether for Diwali but, at times, just a subtle addition will do the trick. ANEMOS exhibits such subtle additions, from fans to light fixtures, to even luxe wall clocks; they have it all to add a zing to your abode. The colour and finish of the fans will add a posh and rustic look to your home for sure.

Do you think we are talking about just a store next door? No, that’s not the case! This store is not just ordinary at all. It has everything unique and we bet, you won’t get anything like this anywhere in Ahmedabad. Well, not just Ahmedabad, we can bet on Gujarat too.
Wooden fans with five wings or a fan with no wings, censored lights, huge and small antique chandeliers made from crystals; all these things are just more beautiful than your imagination. What else would you want? Even a small fan or light would make you go crazy.

Do browse through their pictures but that’s just a glimpse of it. Visiting the store would give justice to this brand and its unique products! So, visit their store for more before the auspicious day arrives. Cheers.

Tags: Never seen before Fans, Chandeliers & Wall Clocks at ANEMOS, Anemos

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