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With the minimal number of options that Amdavadis have when it comes to savouring Chinese in the city; THE ROLLING CHIN fills the void with ease. The new eatery on the block by the same people behind Bombay Street Cafe, serves Asian fare with an innovative take in the form of a - MEAL IN A BOX, that simply put, is a very good value for money, meal package, which is quite a steal; All at Shop 4-5, Ground Floor, Atlanta Tower, opposite Heritage Square, Gulbai Tekra.

Off their widespread array, we started our course with their version of THREAD PANEER, a deep fried marinated Paneer delicacy; Which was quite interesting to look at as well as gorge into, with a burst of flavour every time you dipped into the sweet Garlic Sauce, that it was accompanied with.

More on the Paneer based Appetizers, we tried the KOREAN PANEER, which I loved and had ample spice to it, while being loaded with 3 Peppers, Zucchini, and Paneer.

To be honest, though the Paneer did hit the mark, I was particularly impressed with the  DIET VEGGIES loaded with steamed exotic vegetables, with Chinese spices, in a Sweet & Sour Sauce, wherein the ever-so-subtle taste made the Appetizer outstanding!

The menu is clear and straightforward and divided into Soups, Starters, Mains, Gravies, Rolls, and Noodles. Talking about their Noodles - If sticking to the Menu is boring to your taste, then you can simply MAKE YOUR OWN WOK! Wherein:

It begins with their set Premium Vegetables, in the form of Babycorn, Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Sprouts, and Spring Onions.

Choose your base of Noodles.
Choose your Sauce.
Top it off with your favorite Condiments.
And Voila! It gets assembled in a jiffy and your perfect meal is ready!

The simple things are really well made here for, you would not be wanting anything more if you gorge on their bowlful of VEG THAI GREEN CURRY, with STEAM RICE!

To curb your desi palette, THE ROLLING CHIN offers quite wondrous rolls; Be it their PANEER PAHADI TIKKA ROLL or their CHEESE BUTTER MASALA ROLL, they all make for a great eat! More so, the eatery also cooks up a lovely version of KARARI ROTI, that is utterly delicious, with a buttered glaze on the top, along-with some spices, and fresh Coriander. 

All in all, THE ROLLING CHIN, makes for a great culinary experience where you can relate to the food as it is ever-so-slightly tweaked to the Indian palette; Making for a definite-go-to for your indulgence. Cheers.

(P.S. they deliver as well)

Address: THE ROLLING CHIN, Shop 4-5, Ground Floor, Atlanta Tower, opposite Heritage Square, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9978688780

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