New Falafel Express at Karnavati Club

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They are growing and growing beautifully. The team behind Falafel Express started with a small wagon at CEPT Bhukkad Gali. In just a year and half, they have now expanded it to many more brick and mortar outlets. In their very own and modest words, they believe their growth is due to you and me - "We chose to and dedicate this growth to all the foodies who have encouraged us by their fondness of falafel and other gourmet options made from the very best ingredients."
Their dare and daring continues to grow with a brand new outlet at Karnavati Club. But, don't worry! It is open and accessible to everyone as this beautiful looking outlet's entrance is from Karnavati Club's parking area.
As far as new outlet's menu and dishes goes, it is largely the same; however, this time they have expanded their horizons and opened up an option of:
Breakfast: morning 7 to 11
Home Delivery : evening 5 to 1 in the night ( Call 9925359500)
And guess what; the outlet is also going to stay open serving their delicious Falafels to all hungry people in the city till 1 in the night. What a relief to all the owls of Ahmedabad, right?
Although we featured Falafel Express earlier, this time, we didn’t take things for granted and went again to taste their food - just to be doubly sure of what we post and whether we fall for it again. We tried their Basil based pizza, Falafel pizza and their Turkish bread with Marinated Basil. The last one is just our favourite!
Just to give you a quick recap on Falafel Express: It is at CEPT (7 PM - 11PM), Vijay Char Rasta (12PM- 11PM), 1st Floor Domestic Airport  (430AM - 930PM)  and now at Karnavati Club. Along with a wide choice of Falafel in Pita, other things on the menu are gourmet pizzas (it’s signature tomato gravy and an option of feta cheese), gourmet salads,freshly baked Turkish Bread/Pide, signature fries and sides to choose from.
So guys and gals, go for their breakfast or order late night from them or while you are out for a drive...just pick up one of their falafels - as you know, they are really quick in delivering.
Give them a try and share your feedback with us about their new outlet.
Address:Karnavati Club Premises , S G Road , Ahmedabad
Contact details: 09925359500

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