New Fine Dine Restaurant - Bridge Waters

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CityShor brings to you a new restaurant in Ahmedabad and this time its fine-dine. Before we disclose name, address and other necessary details let us describe you how exactly it is. 

There are many places in Ahmedabad which calls themselves a fine-dine place but what we have observed is that those are nothing but expensive dining. Fine-dine restaurant is beyond a term, a complete experience and anything less is just, as mentioned earlier, expensive dining.

Here’s our experience at this new restaurant:
We feel pampered and enjoyed meal in comfortable chairs and tastefully designed ambience. The pacing of the meal was leisurely but consistent. Though we went at an odd hour but it was a quiet and a beautiful place. They have a different kind of seating – one which suits absolutely to your leisure and the other one was absolutely perfect if your sole focus is on food and nothing else. 
Presentation is an important part of fine dining, combining food and art concept together. Small portions paid with extreme details. Well this place deserves great marks here. You will get to know about their food décor when we talk about their Pan Asian and North Indian cuisine in coming few days. 
Though we are not disclosing anything about food and are only sticking to our experience but here’s a teaser about their dishes. Excellent food with emphasis on visual presentation. Superior quality produce treated delicately with respect to create dishes that taste very subtle yet outstanding. 
Their service was beyond taking orders and serving food. It is precise and exquisite. They are willing to answer any or all questions and ready to make recommendations. Clearing the table in between dishes, replacing napkins, serving food directly on the plate at the table etc was just a part of our experience.

We are sure that you are now super excited for the name – right?

Well, let the suspense reveal. The name of the restaurant is Bridge Water. To add on to your comfort, they have valley parking and live band on weekends.

27, Sunrise Park Lane (Lane which takes you from Vastrapur to Himalaya mall)
Opposite Galaxy Bazaar, 

Contact: 9727008110 

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