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Not a milkshake. Not a thickshake. It is just a great shake!

A cosy li’l place in Prahaladnagar, No Great Shakes ticks all the boxes ( and goes beyond ) to become your next hangout spot. Especially, after Garba during Navratri! They have a special Navratri offer - Get any shake at only Rs. 79 / 99 between 12 midnight and 3 AM!

At 50 unique flavours on the menu, Nø Great Shakes is sure to change your perception about shakes! So much so, that you yourself would strike out the NO from No Great Shakes

Consistency not that thick that you’d need a spoon, not so thin that it would have you fume, but just right for you to devour the flavour.

If you are the kind who is averse to lots of sweetness, they serve tit-bits with every shake, so that you can balance out the sweetness, and devour the great shake again! SO COOL!

While there are 50 flavours to get you spoilt with choices, their Delightful Signature Pure Tender Coconut Shake caught our eye! IT IS SERVED IN AN ACTUAL COCONUT SHELL!

Why did I say that it is soon to be one of those fav hangout spots? Here’s why-
- Free Board Games (Jenga, Sequence, UNO), Books, Newspapers
- You can watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or other shows on TV (Request of any show from Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar accepted within reasonable limits). But, FRIENDS is FRIENDS!
- Charging points and chargers provided for all types of phones
- Open till 4 during Navratri

Remember - You can try any of their shakes at 79 / 99 during Navratri | 12 midnight to 3 AM!

Grab a Great Shake and Have a Happy Navratri! Cheers!

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