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It was yesterday night. While roaming on the road I saw this colourful glittering beauties hanging on a thin strand. They were so colourful that even you wouldn’t have missed if you passed by Mansi circle road. That’s what happened with me.

It was on the road. It was near Mansi Circle, Karnavati Pagarkha Bazaar. The name is Nicholas. I met a very young girl and her mother and asked about those beautiful handmade lamps. Vidhi, the young girl is studying BCA but since 4 years she is making these beautiful lamps and selling. Yes, the girl did not learn making them; it’s a god gift. Yes, many people get art from within, it doesn’t need any degree. She can also customize as per your requirement.

We don’t really want to describe about the lamps as its beauty can be seen better in the photographs. About the cost, it was a big shock when they told us about the price. Starts from Rs. 100 to 600. Yes, we couldn’t understand how these beautiful lamps can be so low-priced?

So get out tonight, visit Mansi circle and meet these two beautiful ladies.

Address: Nicholas, Opp. Vala’s Gym, Nr. Karnavati Pagarkha Bazaar, Mansi Circle, Ahmedabad | Time: from 7pm to 11pm

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