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Sandwichworkz! Now that is an eatery that has always been our go-to place since the time it has opened up; and when we got to know that the same folks have come up with TANDOORWORKZ - Our excitement knew no bounds!
While we may be late but, regardless we had to try out what they had up for grabs; all at Dev Complex, opposite Parimal Garden.

From the time you step in; you have to appreciate the fact as to how impressive an eating space that they have created. The brightly light eatery, welcomes you with comfortable, wooden chairs on a subtle backdrop with an ever-so-courteous staff ushering you in for a chilled out, cozy meal, that you surely are missing out on.

When you make your way down, you should start with their CHICKEN MALAI TIKKA for, them flavourful pieces of offerings, awakens the non-vegetarian from the very first bite, which had me licking my fingers clean. It was soft, creamy and full of flavours, done just right in a tandoor.
Catering to a more spicy palette, there is their CHICKEN CHETTINAD TIKKA, marinated with black pepper & curry leaves; along-with an ACHAARI CHICKEN TIKKA, marinated with pickle sauce.

What sets TANDOORWORKZ apart, (albeit their glorious offerings, of course) is the array of dips that they serve with the said starters. You of course have your classic green mint chutney, along-with the it if a lovely mix of hung curd, cucumber and lemon; while the star comes forth in their in-house Strawberry-Mustard Dip, laden with Chilli Flakes - Oh la la la!

Biting into the MURGH GILAFI KEBAB, instantly offers a distinct taste for, it rightly boasts of Chicken breast stuffed with spiced, minced chicken roasted in the tandoor; that goes admirably well with a cool, green chutney.
Next on my list was the ever-so-classic TANDOORI CHICKEN, marinated in dry spices & roasted to perfection in the tandoor - Smoky on the outside, succulent on the inside. While you first cut and gorge the obvious meat off; then you lift the bones to your gnashers and chew away.

To give you the final nudge as to why TANDOORWORKZ gets a BIG Thumbs Up from our end?
Pssttt. That was your cue to go. go. go. Cheers.

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