Now You See me movie review Ahmedabad

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“The closer you look the less you’ll see”


The Film is a Successful Magic Trick. A team of Illusionist called Four Horsemen pull off real heists during their magic shows. How are they doing it? Is it really Magic? Who’s behind all this? The film has a novel premise with a bit of cat and mouse game. The filmmaker adds too many plot twists. The movie is very catchy and will hold you to your seat. From the very first magic trick with cards to the end you are wowed by tricks. This is a movie that doesn’t waste any of its 120 mins. The set up of the final magic trick scene is way too awesome. . Some of the quotes are also very good like “When you are Losing, Faith is a Luxury”…

Awesome star cast – Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network Guy), Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Mark Rufallo (Hulk of Avengers)… But justice is not done to Michael Caine’s role

In the movie FBI officer is continuously warned ‘not to look too closely’ and the maker sends the same message to the crowd – don’t dig into every aspect of the ‘tricks’ and you’ll love it…coz it’s bit unconvincing when it comes to dissecting the magic. All in all a must watch.

Rating 3.5 / 5

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