Nutty Desserts that Make Your Taste Buds Go Nuts by Nutty 19

Cuisines: Bakery

Attributes: Desserts, Home made

We have a different space reserved in our tummies for desserts. How many of you will agree? Most of you I am sure. Bakers like Nutty 19 are the reason we cannot ever miss a good dessert when you come across their creations like Kiwi soufflé and Chocó almond pudding. Nutty 19 serves an array of products ranging from Soufflés, Cakes, Cheesecakes, Puddings, Cake lollies, to healthy bites like Granola bars and Oats and Ragi cakes. Their creations are freshly baked, gelatin free and eggless. The decorated designer cakes are without fondant thus eliminating the unwanted sugar.
Nutty 19 caters to customized gift hampers in different ranges along with cupcake bouquets and Chocolate bouquets for gifting purposes. They also cater to bulk order for parties and special occasions for 150 to 250 people. A special request from the bakers to place the before 24 hrs which is preferable to them. 
The absolute delights that cannot be missed are Chocó almond pudding and Chocó brownie crackles. The pudding is silky to the right bar and the almond flavor enhanced rich chocolate melting in your mouth leaves you asking for more. The Chocó brownie crackles are cute lollypops which are a feast for your eyes as well with their cute packaging. Consider it a definite hit for gifting or kids party options. 
Their fresh fruit creations are strongly recommended for the sweet tooth who loves natural flavors. The Kiwi soufflé is served in cute small cups with little silver balls on top. The freshness hits you in an appropriate measure without taking over your taste buds and the fresh light cream doesn’t make it heavy on your stomach.
Looking for something healthy? Escape the guilt route with their Granola bites. These come in cute tart shape and are perfect for those hours when you are looking for a quick tummy filling bite.
Nutty 19, a brand commenced by a mother-daughter duo, Shrena Shah and Kaneesha Shah; ensures quality since it is homemade with oodles of love. Their best selling sweet binges are Granola bars, Chocó Hazelnut Pudding, Blueberry Cheese Cake and Chocó Brownie Crackles. Reading through all of these will make it hard to resist. Call them and fulfil your sweet cravings before it drives you nuts! 
Contact No : +91 97261 35959, +91 97125 05076 
Authored by: Vaishnavi. Shailesh. Jariwala 
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