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Picturesque ambience, charming table seating, vibrant walls, adorable photo frames, huge sunlit windows, quirky artefacts and the cutest of children play nooks with some of the most distinctive food in the city. Tempted already?
This world vegan day, we decided to honour all the up and coming vegan enthusiasts in the city by reviewing none than the The Philosophy Club, a name tantamount with artisan vegan food in aapnu amdavad. (Even Google says the same, turn on your location and just type out vegan and this extraordinary little place will pop up). Vegans don’t eat any meat or dairy products, but their alternative options make for some of the healthiest food dishes available, without compromising on the taste.
Tucked in a quiet lane off C.G. road, this second branch of the already well renowned restaurant near Gulmohar park mall offers uncontested peace and tranquillity, assuring that you can savour their astounding creations in all its glory. Started by a wonderful Spanish lady named Gemma, the restaurant believes in perfecting everything that they do, from the lively decor and vehement staff to the magnificent dishes that they whip up in a jiffy.
At The Philosophy Club, not only is the food exquisite but it’s a place of expression. A space where, one is encouraged to indulge in conversation, visit with old friends, make new ones and celebrate their relationship with food and fellow humans, participate in bold conversations, discuss, dissent, agree, or disagree and start a revolution…..or if you prefer to remain quiet, observe, absorb and just be.
With soulful Middle Eastern music and eye catching cutlery, the place truly offers some of the most scrumptious delicacies for the rising vegans of the city (and also converts more people into following veganism with their tasteful delicacies!)
We started our culinary expedition not knowing what to expect, but let me tell you, I left this place with a calm heart and a full stomach and so will you, guaranteed. One of the firsts was a drink named WACU WACU - a weird sounding concoction that is a surprisingly superb amalgamation of watermelon and cucumber with a dash of lime; truly refreshing! The Lebanese HUMMUS WITH PITA BREAD has one of the best hummus in the city. With this chickpeas wonder served up with piping hot pita pockets, the dish is a definite must try and simply mouth watering!! The ROASTED VEGETABLE LASAGNE overloaded with seasonal vegetables layered in tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese is perfectly apt for those who are willing to experiment with their taste palates!
The next stop was the POTATO DESI BURGER: an in house special comprising of mashed potato patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and vegan curried mayo in a burger served with a side of crunchy masala fries and fresh salad; making for one of the best kicks to our taste buds in the recent times!
Saving the best for the last, what I have in store for you will blow your minds away! We are talking about their famous SPICY CARROT CAKE: a moist vegan coconut and carrot cake generously spiced with cinnamon. This sinful union of savoury and sweet is both visually stunning and appetizing to the utmost. I CANNOT stop raving about this enough, so please go try this out ASAP!
Along with the unique healthy food, Gemma’s courteous nature and an ever bubbly demeanour will make you want to come back repeatedly to this quaint little place! I hope to bump into you there reading your favourite book and basking in on the surroundings. Enjoy!
Address: Krupashankar Joshi Marg, Mithakhali, Navrangpura.
Phone: 8758421125

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