Offer on small scoops for 3 days at Brain Freeze

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We know Ahmedabad already has lot of Dessert places; what more or different can you expect from one more dessert player i.e. Brain Freeze.

Before we tell you more about Brain Freeze, they have come up with an irresistible launch offer: 
3rd August: All small size scoops at Rs. 39
4th August: All small size scoops at Rs. 49
5th August: All small size scoops at Rs. 59

Now that you are already tempted with its offer, read more and you won’t be able to resist visiting them. Brain Freeze family comes with over 35 years of experience making handcrafted ice creams with only the highest quality ingredients. Most importantly, they only use organic milk from naturally driven cows that moo and eat grass. And as they claim, they offer you one of the finest ice creams that city has seen right from its taste, texture or presentation.

From their long list of menu, we loved: 
Absolute Almond (luscious + creamy ice cream + almond), 
Banaa Bleed (healthy banana + fresh strawberry + strawberry blood), 
Crafted Caramel (salty caramel ice cream + caramel swirl + caramel chunks + cashew), 
Dutch Discovery (luxurious belgium chocolate + choco bits)
Electric Espresso (bold espresso +creamy ice cream)
Genius Ganache (chocolate ice cream + chips + fudge + choco sauce + browni)
Hot n Hap (smooth chocolate ice cream + coco (less milk))
Imitating Imp (nutritious banana + nuttiest chocolaty chunkies + walnut)
Jack n Jill (sweet and perky bubble gum + hill of cotton candie)

That’s not all that Brain Freeze serves. It has a huge menu offering Ice creams, Sorbets, Chocolate Bars, Waffles, Cup Cakes, Chocolate Brownies, Frappes, Ice Cream Frappes and more.

Shop 4, Ground Floor, Camps Corner II, Prahaladnagar Chaar Rasta, Satellite

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