Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara Movie Review

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Something happened between the success of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ and making of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara’…. which nobody has an idea about.

Here’s a sneak-peak of what could have happened.

·         Milan Luthria and team started chalking out plans for ‘dobara’… and the momentum was so high that they almost finished it like overnight.

·         ’Oh fish!’ Milan suddenly realized while he was lazily relaxing post completing the so called ‘sequel’.

·         ’We forgot to hire a marketing team’… on realization, Milan called up one of his close buddies to share his goof-up. When he was describing how the team missed such an important step, he saw a call waiting from none other than the ‘Producers’. Oops, he uttered under his breath.

·         Out of pressure, Milan picked up the phone of the producers and guess what… he faced a googly. ‘When are we starting the promos?’ asked producer.

·         ’Whenever you say Ma’am’… Producer was so confident on Milan, especially after delivering super hits that she blindly trusted him. Milan didn’t want to take a bet on his reputation and so  he didn’t mention his blunder.

·         Milan got in touch with the marketing and promotions team and told them ‘we are supposed to start the promos ASAP!’ . ‘But the haven’t briefed us on the plot, story, USP or anything!” pat came the reply. ‘Don’t worry… just build on the theme of the prequel’, Milan whispered.

That’s it… that’s how the promotions of ‘dobara’ were done. And this goof-up has played a major role in setting wrong expectations for the movie. What was marketed  the actual movie is has no relation whatsoever.

Unlike the earlier version, ‘dobara’ is nothing about Underworld, Don, Mumbai-Raaj, or anything even close to that, but yes, there is ‘Shoaib’ who wants to be ‘Mumbai Ka ONLY Bhai’, ‘there’s underworld’ shown but only to support the theme of Once upon a time. 88.69% of the movie is a love story of a don(data generated as randomly as the movie script).  That’s the biggest shock we got while watching the movie. When Sonakshi entered the screen, and story stared tilting towards ‘ishq-mohabbat’, we thought… ‘na baba, this is just a filler… it can’t be like this’. But then we were wrong.

How in the world can you use irrelevant theme just because you are the same director and producer team. Showing old Mumbai, lesser traffic, ‘kate nahi katte background song’, ‘gold spot’ and a love story in that backdrop doesn’t qualify you for Once Upon a time sequel. I think next time he will show a love story of a dudhwala in the third part in same setting and call the movie ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai tiguna’…

Dobara is a super disappointment… Having said this, movie has some good bits in it i.e. Akshay aka ‘Shoaib’ is super stylish, his dialogues are classy and you will definitely enjoy hearing them – though it is not as superb as the earlier version. That’s it… there’s nothing worth talking about apart from this.

You can wait for this movie to come on TV and not waste your time and money watching it.

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