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Man’chow’ Soup- One By Two

The debut director wants to make a rom-com which is slice of real life kinds, she sets up the slices one by one but the final salad that is served to the audience at the table is just not palatable. It looks beautiful though!

One By Two, directed by Devika Bhagat stars Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai in the leads. Amit Sharma (this name seems very boring to his ex), a 25 something lad staying with his parents and working for some regular computer company is dumped by his girlfriend and this guy is just not able to come to terms with it. His mother (Rati Agnihotri) wants to get him hitched ASAP! Part one of the story.

Samara Patel (Preeti Desai), a dancer living with her single mom (Lilette Dubey, superbly portrayed) and abandoned by her father but left with lots of estate, wants to make it big as a dancer! Mommy has a drinking problem and this girl is not able to succeed in career because of various reasons.

Literally nothing happens in the first half, but the film starts showing some pace in the second half where these characters start behaving and some drama is created. Halfway through the film and you are not even bothered whether it is a rom-com or some real life kind of film!

What creates the interest for me is the creation of characters which are so real which look and behave like us, characters who have problems like us and some good soulful music. The film carries a look of draft and you always end up thinking that the final product with some more finishing would have looked lovely.

Abhay Deol plays his part really well, especially that sequence in shorts holding guitar and singing out loud, one more where this lad sings out Washing Powder Nirma jingle! Preeti Desai looks gorgeus, she has few scenes where she really has to display emotions and she falls flat there, also she lacks great dancing skills.

All in all this is a wasted opportunity by Devika Bhagat but is bearable because of Abhay Deol, soulful music and some good moments which make you smile at yourself!

2.5 Shor, that is Five By Two!

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