One way ticket to sourcing fabrics from textile heaven

Imagine this- you are a fashion designer, have Navratri garment orders up to your head and you suddenly realise that you’ve run out of fashion fabrics and embellishments all together.  It’s a torture to go around town looking for the needful especially when you’re short on time, isn’t it? Hence, whenever the agony aunt knocks your door, fret not because SOURCE IT RIGHT is here.  

SOURCEITRIGHT.COM is a comprehensive sourcing portal for fabrics, trends and accessories from around the country. Their aim is to connect and empower the fashion designers and the garment converters so that they can source wide range of fabrics, embellishments and textile related job works on a single click.  

This website, started by DHRUVIT SHAH is a genius one point portal for everything textile: from fabric to embroideries to tools and even gadgets. Sounds great doesn’t it?

To complement the website to the fullest, they also have a brick and a mortar establishment for the local boutique owners, fashion designers/lovers and all the other textile enthusiasts to touch feel and look around at the fabrics yourself if need be; in the form of a prominent studio at 85, Nalanda Complex, Nr Mansi Circle, Satellite. The varied series of fabrics and almost all types of existing superfluities will surely leave you enthralled.

With Paramount customer service and special rates for fashion designers and students, acting as multiple cherries on the cake, this website is your only saviour in distress! Say goodbye to needless travels and endless waits and purchase all your textile needs from SOURCE IT RIGHT, right now!


Address: 85, Nalanda Complex, Nr Mansi Circle, Vastrapur, Satellite, Ahmedabad. 
Website   : 
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Contact:      8141022000



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